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Cardiac and vascular grafts are soft tissues used to repair a variety of defects in the heart or circulatory system. Like other soft tissue grafts, they are derived from a variety of sources, although due to their critical function, can be subject to more stringent regulatory oversight.

Cryopreserved and decellularized allografts offer surgeons a safe and reliable solution for cardiac and vascular repair and reconstruction.

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Types of Cardiac and Vascular Grafts

Autograft: Heart valve or vascular graft recovered from the patient for implantation into another location on the patient’s body. Examples include use of the pulmonary valve to replace the aortic valve(the Ross Procedure) and saphenous vein for coronary artery bypass surgery.

Allograft: Grafts from another human with family authorization - properties can vary depending uponprocessing and preservation.

  • Cryopreserved: Grafts from a donor that has been cryopreserved to protect tissue integrity.
  • Decellularized: Grafts from a donor in which the cellular content has been removed. For example, CardioGRAFT MC(R) pulmonary patches.

Xenograft: Grafts from another species, such as cows or pigs. These grafts are processed to prevent animmunogenic response.

Synthetic: Grafts made from synthetic materials, for example Dacron ® for aortic aneurism repair,5  or aheart valve made from titanium or carbon.

Xenograft/Synthetic combination: Grafts, such as porcine heart valves, may include synthetic materials combined with xenograft, such as a manufactured mitral valve made of cobalt-chromium and bovine pericardium.


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